Who are we…

Deep-Rooted Passion…

We didn’t create our revenue platform for entrepreneurs thinking it would be a fabulous opportunity. We just thought, in order to make a difference, something needed to be done. We wanted to develop something substantially better than what came before.

Big Transformative Purpose…

Our proprietary revenue platform is for successful, ambitious, creative, and cooperative entrepreneurs who want revenue breakthroughs so that they can expand their freedom through money, time, purpose, relationship, and technology.

When collaborative entrepreneurs share their intellectual shortcuts things move faster, easier and cheaper with bigger and better revenue results.

collaborative /kəˈlabərətɪv/

We like collaborators who are alert, responsive, curious, resourceful, and transformative

Kevin Johnson

is the go-to practitioner when it comes to helping already successful professional entrepreneurs pursue revenue breakthroughs.

He has co-founded and sold two successful companies in the United Kingdom and South Africa to a national company and an international company respectively.

Both companies focused on helping clients to accelerate their revenue breakthroughs.

Kevin is now leveraging this vast experience [Revenue Breakthrough Shortcuts] to help a certain type of entrepreneur to accelerate their own revenue breakthroughs.