8 R.O.R Activators You Can Trigger In Your Business Right Now

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EightFreedoms is a consultancy that specialises in helping clients to increase their R.O.R and revenue through our revenue breakthrough benchmarking platform and bespoke methodology.

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We provide ongoing support through our weekly educational content, and mid-quarterly and quarterly revenue breakthrough workshops. In these interactive sessions, we share best practices and revenue breakthrough shortcuts in a collaborative group setting on zoom.

Kevin Johnson

Kevin is an experienced practitioner who has worked with hundreds of coaches, consultants and franchises over the last 30+ years to increase their revenue and ROR. He understands the challenges faced in attracting the ideal clients and the importance of nurturing those clients long-term.

He has co-founded and sold two successful companies in the United Kingdom and South Africa to a national company and an international company respectively.

Both companies focused on helping clients to accelerate their revenue breakthroughs.

Kevin is now leveraging this vast experience to help professionals to accelerate their own revenue breakthroughs in their businesses.